How to be a website flipper

Who’d be a property developer nowadays? The answer: people who develop online properties – rather than physical ones – by snapping up undeveloped sites in a practice known as website flipping. The principle is exactly the same as that of property development: flippers fix up the underdeveloped sites and sell them for a profit. As with property development, it’s all about adding value. In property, adding value may mean converting a loft. Online, it means increasing visitor traffic and improving website revenue…

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4 thoughts on “How to be a website flipper

  1. Hi Paul

    I was watching the siteflipu development myself. Interestingly, the site expired and has not been renewed. Hmmm, it makes you wonder whether you can make a living out of flipping websites.

    I find it more interesting to look at the Bran Clark strategy in this whole siteflipu story, than the actual process of flipping sites:

    – build up a buzz about the current “hot topic”
    – create a membership site providing material about it
    – get people so fired up about it that they buy the “product”
    – offer them a %age from selling it to others
    – use the spike in revenue that typically comes from a product launch to form a guide to a selling price for siteflipu (some people like to use multiples of monthly profit)
    – buzz + big initial month’s profit = tasty sale + unviable work commitment for new owner to satisfy existing lifetime members = siteflipu kaputt

    You could actually call this the “business/product flipping blueprint” in action and apply it to areas other than website flipping.


    • It’s interesting. I suppose Bryan never hid his intentions, and has proven that his methods, for him at least, worked.

  2. I’ve started from scratch in website flipping. With a good coach and a little bit of patience, believe me, it’s all worth it. Website flipping I guess is a very lucrative online business venture. :)

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